Service Premium

What is Service Premium?

  • The Service Premium is paid directly to schools and the funds are allocated by the DfE.
  • The Premium was introduced by the Department for Education (DfE) as part of the commitment to delivering the Armed Forces Covenant. The premium enables us to provide extra support for children with parents in the Armed Forces – we link this to academic and pastoral needs.
  • This premium is for children of currently serving Service Personnel, for those who have had a Service parent who has died in service and also those who have left including through injury for up to a maximum of six years. It began in 2011 and so the six year point has not yet been reached for those who were eligible at that time.
  • The Service Premium is also sometimes referred to as the Service Pupil Premium but is different from the Pupil Premium.
  • The school decides how the money is to be spent on Service children and is mainly for pastoral support which helps Gomer to ensure academic stability.
  • A child must live with their Service parent to be eligible for the Service Premium. A child where the Service parent is the main carer even if they are not biologically theirs is also eligible.
  • If your child was never registered for the Service Premium whilst the parent was serving and the Service person has now left the services, then they will not be able to register the child now for the school to claim the Service premium.

In addition to this page, you may find it useful to visit our Service Families page.

Service Premium 2017 / 2018

There is information below on how Service Premium is being spent this current academic year. Details regarding its impact will be recorded at the end of the academic year.

Q: How many pupils?
A: We have 30 children from Service Families – 12.5 5% of our school population

Q: How much was the funding?
A: We have been given £9000 in Service Family Premium

Pupil Premium Indicative Share 2017 2018

Q: What are we hoping to achieve?
Stability, emotional support and pupils to end their current academic year at Age Related Expectations (ARE)  through targeted support, for our children of Service Families.

How are we using it?

  • A LAPS Team – Learning and Pastoral Support consisting of x4 Learning Mentors. Every Service Child is on a ‘case load’.
  • ELSA support – should our Service Children need this at difficult times e.g. deployment of a parent/carer
  • Learning Reviews
  • Learning Mentor trained in bereavement counselling
  • Weekly Service Club – normally IT based at lunchtimes
  • Group activities e.g. visits to historic dockyard
  • Activities for children and their families e.g. team building opportunities, arts and crafts etc

Impact 2016/2017

Qualitative Performance Information
The pupils reported:
‘I love spending time with friends.’
‘Everything about Service Club is great.’
‘I enjoy learning new things.’
‘It is great meeting other service children and becoming friends with them.’
‘It feels good knowing I am not the only one.’
‘Mocktail making was the best.’
‘Spending time with Mrs O’Brien and Mrs Gardner is lovely.’

Performance Information of children from Service Families

To be added November 2017