Local Governing Committee (LGC)

A very warm welcome to all from the Gomer Local Governing Committee (LGC).  Being a school governor is interesting, worthwhile and rewarding. The Terms of Reference for the Full Governing Body outline the work they complete to support our school.

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Gomer Junior is fortunate to have very involved and experienced governors who work hard to support the school and best represent all stakeholders. We moved to an LGC when we converted to an Academy on April 1 2017. Our first LGC meeting took place on 22 May 2017. Specifically, our LGC comprises:

The Trustee Chair: Mr Paul J R Lane

Executive Head Teacher: Mrs Georgina Mulhall

Deputy Head Teacher: Mr Tim Potter

SEND/Disadvantaged & Safeguarding Governor: Mrs Alix Horne

Finance and Capital Resources Governor: Elodie Gardner

Human Resources Governor: Mrs Karen Reid

A KS2 teacher: Mrs Sharon Toone

An Early Years/KS1 teacher when required

A KS2 Parent/Carer Governor: Mrs Alix Horne

An Early Years /KS1 Parent/Carer Governor when required

It is not unusual to see our governors in school, supporting a variety of events and meeting half-termly. We are  confident that our model will better serve our pupils.

The LGC doesn’t manage the school – this is the role of the Head Teacher and senior management team, but it does oversee the development of the school, with the main aim being to always provide a high standard of education for all pupils, of all abilities. The LGC have a duty to report to The Board. Our Chief Executive, Ian Potter, attends LGC meetings too.

The LGC has three main roles:-
Strategic – Setting the school’s vision and strategic aims, agreeing plans and policies, and making creative use of resources.
Critical Friend – Monitoring and evaluating performance, acting as a critical friend to the Head Teacher to support and challenge them in managing the school.
Accountability – Ensuring that the school is accountable to the children and parents it serves, to its local community, to those who fund and maintain it, as well as to the staff it employs.

Our Governor Handbook will give you a detailed overview of the role and responsibilities of being a governor.

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What do you need to be a governor? Well firstly, you don’t need to be an educational professional! If you have an interest in the life of the school, backed with enthusiasm and a few hours a term, then you’re ready. Training is provided by external sources to bring you up to speed in your role as a governor and when you join the governing body, you are assigned a mentor to help you with any questions you may have. If you have skills from outside the world of education that are relevant, then you may find yourself in a unique position to contribute, but more than anything else a commitment to the school and the well-being of the pupils will help you to become an effective governor.

Normally, a governor appointment runs for a 4 year term, but it’s not unusual to be asked to serve a further term if you’re willing to do so. The only real exception is the Parent Governor position, since once your child has left the school, you will have to step down at the end of your term.

Found below is information about who our governors are, their governor category, who appointed them, term of office and names of committees they serve. We currently do not have any vacancies on out governing body.

Information About Our Governors

Mrs Elodie Gardner (Finance and Capital Resources Governor)
Category: Co-opted – Appointing Body: GFM  – Term of Office: 4 years – Appointed:  1.4.2017
‘I am a military wife and Mum to a gorgeous 13 year old. My understanding of the services encouraged me to help with the running of the Services Club; I really enjoy the club time with the children. Interestingly, I am most passionate about the stage and following a degree in Performing Arts I was naturally keen to be involved in the after school Drama Club at Gomer. Our most recent production was great fun and I am always proud of how well the children perform. My ‘can do’ attitude has seen me work with a fabulous team of parents/carers supporting a range of fund raising activities for the school through our FROGJS (PTA) work. It is fair to say I am partial to animal print and am currently most keen on my leopard and tiger print shoes!’

Mrs Alix Horne (KS2 Parent Governor)
Category: Parent – Appointing Body: GFM  – Term of Office: 4 years – Appointed: 1.4.2017

‘I have lived in Gosport since the age of 7 and I attended Alverstoke Junior and Bay House before going to university to complete a degree in Business and Finance management. I am married to Steve and have 8 year old twins.  My daughter Connie is in Year 3 at Gomer and my son Lucas attends St Francis Special needs school in Fareham. I work full time as a regional business manager for a pub company and am responsible for an estate of pubs across the south coast. In the limited spare time I have I enjoy playing tennis a couple of times a week.’

Mr Paul Lane (The Trustee Chair)
Category: Local Authority  Appointing Body: GFM  – Term of Office: 4 years – Appointed:51.4.2017
‘I have  lived in Alverstoke for many years with my wife Margaret. For the past twenty five years I worked in the aerospace industry, initially in engineering roles and latterly heading up business acquisition teams. Now retired, I do not miss the long commutes, endless meetings and overseas travel that came to dominate my existence! My interest in education arose through helping a godchild who lost her mother when very young to achieve well at her GCSE’s and A levels. Becoming a member of the Governing Body and then Chair a couple of years ago has enabled me to contribute to ensuring that our learners have every opportunity to achieve their potential – in the broadest sense – which I find very rewarding. My interests include social history, psychology and old machinery of any description. As well being chair, I sit on the Finance Management and Resources Committee.’

Mrs Georgina Mulhall (Executive Head Teacher)
Category: Head Teacher – Appointing Body: GFM – Term of Office: on-going 
‘I am really proud to be the Head Teacher of Gomer Junior School. Having worked in education for seventeen years, I was appointed at Gomer having taught in a variety of settings in Portsmouth. Working as an AST (Advanced Skills Teacher) for seven years, prior to becoming a Deputy Head Teacher at Flying Bull Academy, enabled me to teach from nursery through to secondary. Alongside being a full time teacher, I am Mummy to two small children; term time living is very busy! Living locally enables me to enjoy a variety of water sports in Stokes Bay and participating in a variety of community events. Despite growing up in Suffolk, Hampshire is most certainly home.’

Mr Tim Potter (Deouty Head)
Category: Co-opted  Appointing Body: GFM  – Term of Office: 4 years – Appointed: 1.4.2017 

  • Deputy Head Teacher at Gomer Junior School
  • Particular interests: mathematics, music, P.E and Games
  • I wanted to be a Governor to use the benefit of my experience to contribute to governor discussions and decision making

Mrs Karen Reid (Human Resources)
Category: Parent – Appointing Body: GFM  – Term of Office: 4 years – Appointed:  1.4.2017
I have lived in Lee on the Solent for eight years and I am Mum to an enthusiastic son who never ceases to inspire me with his curiosity and determination! I work full-time within the training environment (for ‘grown-ups’!) at HMS Collingwood. I hope, as a Parent Governor, I can offer my experience to benefit the best interests and development of the pupils and school.

Mrs Sharon Toone (KS2 Teacher)
Category: Staff  Appointing Body: GFM  – Term of Office: 4 years – Appointed: 1.4.2017
‘I have been a resident within Gosport since the age of three and grew up within a military home. Both my children have attended the Gomer schools and I have actively supported Gomer Junior School since 2007. I am currently a year 5 teacher with the leadership role within the school linked with Foundations for Learning and recently have become a Beach Schools Practioner. My interest lies in supporting the whole child and ensuring that they gain skills that will enhance lifelong learning.’

Pecuniary Interests Of the Gomer Junior Governing Body 2016-2017