Curriculum Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 curriculum page. This page will provide you with an overview of some of the learning the children will be immersed in.  We are sure that your children will enjoy and benefit from their final year at Gomer Junior School.

Year 6 is a very exciting year! The children have reached the top of Gomer Junior School and now they have many fun responsibilities in leading their peers and running the school.  It is the intention of the Y6 Team to prepare the children for secondary school through increasing their independence, leadership opportunities and academic success.  Learning expectations are very high as we prepare to send them off in July.

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Summer Term 2018

How time flies! This is, unbelievably, the last term for our current Year Sixes at Gomer Junior School. Our pupils’ next step is secondary school and in order to be ready for this transition lots of activities and learning opportunities will be encountered between now and July. Our children, as part of their transition project,will be studying Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. They will get the chance to create their own monster and write their own version of this gothic classic. As part of the maths transition programme, pupils will be further studying the Mayan number system and exploring how place value works when using other place value charts such as base 2 and base 5. A great deal of sporting opportunities feature in the summer term, also: cricket, rounders, dance workshops and of course sports day. As our pupils approach the end of term they will experience transition days where they visit their new setting. Beforehand, however, there will be plenty of opportunities to quiz former pupils and current secondary school teachers to help any nagging questions and also learn of the many opportunities which await them. Perhaps the most early anticipated part of the last term at Gomer is the residential at PGL in the Isle of Wight. This has always been an immensely appreciated and enjoyed opportunity and this year we expect no different as the pupils bid us farewell by zip-wiring, rope-climbing and obstacle-coursing into the next phase of their lives.


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Spring Term 2018

We look forward to an exciting new term for our Year Six. Our pupils may be one term closer to secondary school but there are still lots of exciting opportunities between now and Easter. What better place to start than our electrifying science curriculum? That sets up for our new topic: electricity. Within this unit we will be studying simple circuits and utilising buzzers, switches and bulbs for our own creations. What a (potentially) bright idea!

If that wasn’t enough, we will also be programming… ROBOTS. In terms of topic, we will be investigating World War II. This is always one of our favourites and the main focus will be The Battle of Britain. This will link closely with our literacy and we will be sharpening our writing skills through newspaper articles. Read all about it!

Following the Christmas excess, we will be stretching our legs and working up a sweat through a variety of games and sports. A Gomer first this academic term will see us fencing. An opportunity available to a selection of students, a trained coach will be joining our teaching team to teach the children about this historic discipline and how to engage in the sport. Not every school does this and we can’t wait to see our pupils in action.

Back to the bookwork, our challenging maths curriculum moves onto fractions, decimals and percentages. We will be learning how to use these in real-life contexts and also – a discipline which is very important in preparation for our SATs – we will be aiming to become fluent in conversion. Do you know what 1/8 is as a decimal? If not, you soon will.

Autumn Term 2017

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new Year Six’s to back to Gomer Junior School. We have a challenging, thought-provoking and fun term ahead across a range of subjects. Our main text which underpins our literacy curriculum is Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. From this stimulus we will be writing diary entries, information texts about wild sea creatures and perhaps a pinch of persuasive prose, too. But wait! It does not end there. Ever heard of The Great Wave by a Kanagawa? Fret not if not because we’ll be studying this important piece of art and applying our own watercolour skills too to recreate, reimagine and reinvent this 19th century masterpiece. In addition to flexing our mental power with the aforementioned in addition to maths (place value, four operations), gSTEM (Practical Action) and science (evolution), we’ll also be flexing our bodies through gymnastics. A healthy body and an inquisitive mind packed with knowledge is the aim. Can we do it? Of course we can. Go Gomer!


Summer Term 2017

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and managed to relax and enjoy the sunshine.
During the beginning of the term, Year 6 will complete their SATs week (w/b Monday 8 May 2017); bacon rolls and croissants are on our shopping lists already! We look forward to the SATs as all of Year 6 have all worked so hard and remained determined to be successful.
The main topic focus of this term will be the ancient Mayan Civilisation. Throughout this short term, Year 6 will be comparing their ways of life with British lifestyle today. The children will look at how artefacts can teach us about how the Mayans lived and thinking about reasons why the Mayan population declined. 
gSTEM will be linked to the Practical Action topic, with a twist on covering our light topic too. They will experience lots of ‘hands-on’ activities and report and present findings from enquiries, including conclusions, causal relationships and explanations of results.  
We are lucky to have Josh from Alverstoke Tennis Club this term and endeavour to learn newer tactics and tricks to beat the opponent in tennis. Please ensure PE kits are in school everyday; we will start doing the Gomer Run as much as possible as the weather is so good.
Finally, we also look forward to the Change4Life home-learning – Healthy Term Activities: Simple ideas for building healthy activity into everyday life!
At Gomer Junior School, we know the importance of healthy eating and active lifestyles but need your help to ripple this knowledge elsewhere! The topic home-learning is to design a healthy activity that will encourage other people to establish healthy habits. Year 6 home-learning topic home-learning has always been creative and fun; we look forward to seeing all of the different ideas you come up with.

Spring Term 2017

Year 6 will be exploring the question of ‘How does conflict lead to change?’ Learning begins with a study of the life of Nelson Mandela, hopefully hearing about his life first hand from one of his personal bodyguards, Chris Lubbe.  Apartheid in South Africa is explored and the children learn about and from Nelson Mandela about forgiveness as well as the impact their beliefs and moral values can have on society.  The aim of this project is to open children’s eyes and minds to the human rights they have and how these can be exploited across the world. The children will learn to empathise with, debate about and suggest solutions to the social injustice in the world.

South African culture will be discovered further and the children will be designing and making traditional pots out of clay and producing their own versions of South African paintings gaining inspiration from the natural resources from South Africa, including different types of food and minerals.

In addition to this exciting topic, Year 6 will also be learning about evolution and inheritance in science. Evolution occurs when there is competition to survive (natural selection) and differences within a species caused by inheritance and mutations. Inheritance is when something is passed on to the next generation. Offspring are not identical to their parents and hence species change over time. They will be different investigations on offer to aid understanding of this new curriculum topic.

In computing, Year 6 will be learning how to use data spread sheets with the aim to programme formulae to help track and save pocket money. Using a range of needs and wants, including basic human needs, Year 6 will be encouraged to consider some of the priorities that adults may need to set when operating with limited funds and how this might affect them and their family. They will explore how they might make, save and spend money, set goals for spending and create staged plans to reach goals. They will learn more about planning and choosing what to buy within a budget over time.

To keep fit and healthy, Year 6 will be concentrating on gymnastics, netball and tennis over the Spring term. Attacking movement drills, defensive formations and whole court tournaments will be a selection of drills taught throughout the term. With gymnastics, the children will be focusing on synchronisation and canon movement and choreographing their own routine to music, and possibly an audience?

With the gentle reminder of the Year 6 SATS, we would encourage all Year 6 pupils to complete regular home learning, especially their reading pace and their multiplication and division facts linked to times tables.

Autumn Term 2016

The countdown has begun! The autumn term trip to PGL Little Canada is so close! We have organised this residential early on in the Autumn Term as we believe it gives the children the opportunity to further develop
their collaboration skills. We often see the children grow in confidence and show increased levels of determination to succeed. When the children return to school, they are able to use some of their new skills and apply them to their learning in the classroom.

A privilege for Year 6 children is the opportunity to apply for a role of responsibility. We look forward to reading all of the applications for the jobs (deadline Friday 16 September 2016). Pupil Leaders work throughout the year to develop aspects of school life and to run different events. Our Pupil Peaders become role models to the other children in the school.

We have plunged right into our literacy and maths curriculum this week and will continue producing a range of writing (fiction and non-fiction) and covering new objectives within the maths curriculum. Within our first week, we are already on our way to producing a mix of diary entries and video game narratives. Within our topic afternoons, we are reading the adventure story ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. This adventure will allow us to practise map skills, location of continents and even produce Japanese artwork called the ‘Big Wave.’ Throughout the term we are also having a rugby coach teaching us new skills and mini games.

Summer Term 2016

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and managed to relax and enjoy the sunshine! 
Launching the ‘The Big Pedal 2016’ will kick start our term. Each class has been given the opportunity to design a ‘whole-school’ collage to display to Sustruns and Bikeit! Come back to school with your creative heads firmly on! 
During the beginning of the term, Year 6 will complete their SATs week (Monday 9 May 2016); bacon rolls and chocolate croissants are on our shopping lists already! We look forward to the SATs as you have all worked so hard and remained determined to be successful.
Throughout this term, Year 6 will go for a fascinating walk through the life of coasts as they investigate what coasts are, how they are formed, how they are protected and why they are constantly changing. Through written pieces, atlas and map reading, we will explore the UK coastline to discover new learning. We will study the processes of erosion and deposition and how they affect the coast, find out the names of some different coastal formations and find out what disasters can happen on precarious cliff edges linking to gSTEM. Each class will also have the chance to debate how changing a coastal area will affect the local environment and play the role of travel agents as they find coastal holidays for a variety of customers! 

Spring Term 2016

Year 6 will be exploring the history of clothing in Britain from 1066 through to the present day. They will learn about the key changes in fashion, materials and manufacturing processes and gain an understanding of this aspect of social history in Britain. Who will they meet during their time capsule back to 1066? Why has fashion and clothing changed so much? They will produce a pictorial timeline showing the development of a key item of clothing and finish their topic by meeting a design challenge brief and putting on a catwalk show! Year 6 will be writing for a range of real purposes and audiences as part of their work across the curriculum. They will use language in a greater variety of situations, for a variety of audiences and purposes, including through drama, formal presentations and debate. Throughout the topic, they will be faced with challenges to solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication, including breaking down problems into a series of simpler steps and persevering in seeking solutions. Knowing their times tables and related division facts will definitely help with this! In science, Year 6 will investigate evolution and inheritance to understanding how light works. Questions about this will link to our art topic of sculpture designs using natural materials to express their opinions.  Leading up to Easter, the children will enquire about the concept of resurrection and apply their physical skills to a range of PE, including tag rugby and dance. Lots to look forward too!

***SATs 2016 – important information***

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Autumn Term 2015

Year 6 will set sail this term with their new topic- Storms and Shipwrecks!

Life is an adventure so they say and Year Six is certainly no exception. We are mirroring this sentiment with our choice of literature this term: Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Mopurgo. Kensuke’s Kingdom is a thrilling adventure story from exceptional children’s writer Michael Morpurgo. This nautical adventure will provide the basis for all our writing throughout the autumn terms and we will learn to perfect a variety of genres that include diary entries, poetry, biographies, argumentative writing and non-chronological reports. This poignant tale of trust and mutual respect is a thrilling and emotive story, written in the first person narrative giving the reader a sense of a true story being related to them.  This literary choice also ties into our topic of ‘shipwrecks’, allowing the pupils to explore the history and geography through maritime misadventure. Finishing off the literacy programme, SPaG will provide our year group with one essential spelling rule per week and a solid foundation in preparation with our end-of-year exams. Regarding our progression in grammar, all pupils will be expected to demonstrate a combination of simple, compound and complex sentences in their writing.

In maths the children will focus on completing the new national curriculum phase 1 objectives, reinforcing their knowledge and understanding of the four operations and using effective written methods in order to solve challenging problems. Children will also revisit and build upon their knowledge of the four operations but we will also be covering new ground such as BODMAS and algebra.

 In addition to the curriculum, a diet of science, PE, RE and music will allow the children’s creative juices to flow, alongside Japanese artwork in relation to Kensuke’s Kingdom. We look forward to sharing our work with you soon.
It’s an exciting time to be in Year Six and, if you haven’t seen our marvellous new classrooms, please pop by after school for a visit.