Curriculum Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Summer Term 2018

Demi-gods to the ready

What was in Pandora’s box? Why did Arion need help from the dolphins? Orpheus and Eurydice – were they in love?

Vaulting into another portal with the Rainbow Theatre Company, year 5 will be fully submersed into the life, legacies’ and myths of the Ancient Greeks. Leaping on board Percy Jackson’s quests, morphing into Demi-gods, the children will be fully immersed in the great adventures, influencing creative myth writing, play script writing, culminating in the invention of their own heroes and monsters. This will be an opportunity to draw together all those skills that the children have been practising, to really make their stories (and especially their beasts) come alive. As teachers we are looking forward to a few sleepless nights where the dynamic descriptions have brought the beasts to life maybe a little bit too much.

In numeracy we will be challenging the year 5 Demi-Gods to power up their brains by building on their knowledge of place value looking at decimals and percentages and using their knowledge gained from geometry to learn all about areas and perimeters.

In support of year 5 Demi-gods training, they will undertake physical challenges in the form of tennis and cricket sessions.

But it doesn’t stop there, the epic journey will continue traveling back, as in gSTEM we will be exploring the reasons behind night and day, exploring what causes eclipses, the seasons, moon phases, why we have tides, the stars and a whole collection of mind blowing phenomena.

Parents and carers be warned as the creation of these cosmic stars will be mind blowing, they will be exercising their brain muscles, obliterating their targets as the sky has no limits for these year 5 Demi- Gods, setting challenges in a new dimension.

Spring Term 2018

Sutton who?

Into the dark, back in time, our Year 5 explorers will come across many ancient challenges and beliefs. Meeting the deadly duo on their Saxon re-enactment will give them an appetite for future discoveries, quests and the creation of historical documents. Not only will they discover why wearing a pig on your head is lucky but also how you can make a dead Saxon happy. Through the art of literacy investigations, Year 5 children will endeavour to complete their quest of Saxon discovery in a submersion of experiences that would make any true warrior proud. Be prepared for those Saxon encounters to venture home in the form of Saxon Scoffers, Pester your Parent quizzes and wild weaponry construction.

Just before the half term rest, our courageous adventurers will be experiencing the awe and wonder of Stubbington Study centre. They will be creating animal hotels, shelter building, beach exploring and much more. Look out Stubby Fox here we come!

The adventures never end in Year 5, as after half term there will be challenges from the Vicious Vikings beating down the classroom doors. Using their creative, all inspiring talents, the children will be confronted with tasks from bionic boat building to scientific experiments, researching properties and changes in mind blowing materials. Will the robust, central spine long boats live up to their legendary resilience?

In GSTEM children will be tackling the Squashed Tomato Challenge devised by Practical Action. The challenge: to design, build and test a way of moving tomatoes down a mountainside and over a river without squashing them. This is based on a real life situation in Nepal, where many farmers living on the mountainside grow fruit and vegetables, including tomatoes. To earn a living the farmers need to sell their produce at the local market; the problem is getting the produce down the mountain side and over a river without it getting damaged.

Autumn Term 2017

As soon as Year 5 are back at school they will be jetting off  to the delights of South and North America. The Boy Who Biked The World (Part 2) will form the basis for all of our Guided Reading, Writing and Topic. The children will learn how to answer questions from the text in full sentences and using point and evidence to support their answers. For the first half term we will be focusing our attention on South America and learning all about climate, location and culture with a detailed study of Brazil and specifically Rio. This will provide the children with the knowledge to write an extra chapter for the book. Whilst the children are writing this chapter they will be learning and embedding a number of different SPAG skills and learning how to use these in their writing as well as just learning about them in isolation. In the second half of the term, this knowledge of South America will flow into Art where the children will create rich and colourful pictures based on the Rainforest. Topic will move onto North America and the writing will be based around Anthony Browne ‘The Gorilla’.

Maths will  focus on number and truly understanding what numbers mean and represent. We will begin the year looking at Place Value and what each digit in a number represents. Once they understand this they will find all other aspects fall quite quickly into place. From here we will move into looking at the four operations. gSTEM maths on a Friday will be far more practically based with an initial focus on angles – how do we measure them, what are the different types of angles, how can we calculate an unknown angle. This knowledge will help support their gSTEM projects.

gSTEM begins with reviewing their learning on forces from Paultons Park and then moves into how they can use this knowledge to help solve water issues in other countries. Using the information from Practical Action and Water Aid, the children will form a knowledge of the different water issues facing the world focusing specifically on countries with a water shortage. They will then apply their engineering brains to finding a solution as to how the local people can access water from either underground or having to transport it up a hill. Plans will be analyzed and redone based on feedback. Once a suitable solution has been found, scaled models can be made to establish if they truly work.

Scratch skills will be revisitied in ICT which will allow the children to develop the programming skills to take to Brune Park Lego suite where they can apply these to the Lego Mindstorms.

PE is all about collaboration, teamwork and fairplay – skills which the children can establish through sport and then apply to all other aspects of their learning. This will be taught through football skills but the main focus will be on these fair play skills. Inside, we will be building on our gymnastic skills from last year with a particular focus on balance and flight.