Curriculum Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

 Year 4 is an exciting place to be. We also have an exciting curriculum planned. Below will give you a flavour of learning in our year group. For more detailed information regarding subject areas, please visit:

Y4 Teachers: Mrs Fry and Mrs Wilden

Learning Mentor: Miss Hannaway

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Autumn Term 2019

Welcome back after what we hope has been a revitalizing summer break. The Year 4 team are certainly enthusiastic for an exciting year of learning ahead.

In maths, there will be a deep focus on understanding and recall of the times tables facts up to 12X12 and associated division.  As part of this, we will regularly be implementing Maths Rock Stars. The focus for the Autumn Term will be on number facts and place value. 

In Literacy, Year Four will be focusing on writing recounts and instructions about the digestive system. We will kick start the topic by learning about how important teeth are and then complete a rather messy investigation- ‘mouth to toilet’ to support instructional writing about how food passes through our body. We will be focusing on word class, specifically adverbs and how language choices create atmosphere in your writing and different. A new spelling rule will be taught weekly and we will allow for daily practice. The whole of the Autumn terms spelling lists will appear on google classroom. In guided reading, our book focus is 100mph dog by Jeremy Strong. We aim to be finished with the book before Christmas, retrieving answers from text and reading between the lines.

Our topic focus is the ‘Raging Romans!’ We are basing our topic around inquiry questions:

1. Introduction: How did the Roman Empire begin?

2. Rise and Conquer!: How did the Roman army help the Roman Empire to expand?

3. Invading Britannia: How did Britain become part of the Roman Empire?

4. Who was Boudica?: How did Boudica rebel against the Romans?

5. Home Sweet Home: What were houses like in Roman Britain? BUTSER ANCIENT FARM TRIP

6. Building up Britain: What did the Romans build after they settled in Britain?

7. Time to Relax!: What did people do for leisure in Roman Britain?

8. Let’s get Active!: What sporting events were popular in Ancient Rome?

9. Digging up the Past: What do archaeological sites tell us about Britain? 

10. What did the Romans do for us?: What important things did the Romans introduce to Britain?

11. Summing Up: What have we learned about this period of history?

Within our topic lessons, we will be covering many different gSTEM, Art (Roman shields) and RE links. GSTEM has a Roman focus- looking at pulleys, levers and cogs to pull heavy objects. As the Romans settled on a hill, we want to explore how they got all the materials up it using Roman engineering. We will be learning a Roman vs Celt dance, followed by tag-rugby and in the second term, gymnastics and orienteering. PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Music is really fun in Year 4 too – we have the Hampshire Music School starting every Thursday afternoon where the children will learn to play a string and brass instrument, keyboard and vocal performance. Watch this space for their first performance to an audience…

Summer Term 2019

Let’s go interrailing around Europe! Y4 will be starting their new topic about discovering Modern Europe through exciting and informative lessons. They will be learning about the amazing physical and human geography of Modern Europe, including mountains high and rivers low. Pack your bags as Y4 travel around the cracking capitals and explore the varied countries that make up our European continent. We look forward to sending you a postcard!

Stopping over in many countries,  we will be planning and creating a number of art multi-media projects, including making clay pots, sewing and 3D modelling based on native animals, land features and architecture. We will be studying the work of famous artists from each country we visit.

Keeping our energy levels high, we will be lucky to have a breadth of different physical activities on offer. These range from swimming, cricket, tennis and the daily Gomer Mile. Get your trainers ready!

In gSTEM, the children will have bread which they need to preserve for the longest time possible. They will be designing an investigation to find out  the most effective method of food preservation.  The children will then be given the challenge of having to keep an ice pop cool for as long as possible by designing their own cooling system. They will end their project creating a presentation and a filmed/animated advert to expert judges, persuading them that your new method of preservation is the next one that should be introduced to the developing world.

Maths will continue to develop fluency, problem solving and reasoning. As the weather is warmer and drier, we will be trying to use outdoor learning in maths as much as possible. It is really important to try your home learning and to continue practising your times tables. Throughout the summer terms, the children will really start to gain confidence in multi-step word problems and real-life contexts.

Poems inspired by the wonderful outdoors will feature our first unit. We will focus on poetic features, especially figurative language.  The outdoors will be their stage, as the children will become poets and perform their work. Alongside this unit, we will write more genres based on our wonderful World. Maybe, through the Hampshire Music School’s keyboard lessons, the children could even create a backing track?

Finally, our RE will reflect upon the concept of ‘creation’ through the exploring of a variety of creation stories. They will explain a personal response to the way in which creation has been evident in their own experiences. The children will reflect upon how creation affects their lives.

Spring Term 2019

This term Year 4 will be learning about their local area ‘Gosport Old and New’. We will be answering questions by looking at sources, identifying whether sources are reliable or unreliable and investigating our own questions. We hope to get out and about, host visits from local people and develop historical skills such as evaluating, enquiry and analysing. We will hopefully be visiting the Diving Museum, local sites of interest and are in the process of arranging a trip to the Gosport Gallery who are hosting an exciting exhibition featuring the work of local Gosport artist Martin Snape who painted scenes of Gosport during the Victorian era. The visit will include activities to do in the gallery focusing on how Gosport has changed and a heritage trail around the vicinity of our building looking for clues as to what the town was like at the time of Snape.

* If you are out walking and see any local site of interest in Gosport, take a photo to share when you return to school.

gSTEM will be fantastic; we are going to be investigating sound and using our gSTEM wheel to help us create a variety of musical instruments. Maybe we could post our music performance on our FACEBOOK page to share with you our work? Talking of music, Hampshire Music School will be returning…this time to concentrate on ‘voice’ unit.

Based on the influence of the sea, we will be exploring the text, ‘Mousehole Cat’ and hope to write even better descriptive versions using e-books. We will be practising a wide range of writing skills: punctuation, spelling, and grammar. We will be reading a new class book – The BFG by Roald Dahl. We will be exploring the book through writing, drama and art, studying the language and maybe even creating our own wish jars? Linked to the sea, in art, we will be exploring the use of watercolour and paint a whole class piece that will be shared with you.

In maths, we will be covering a range of mathematical skills developing the children’s knowledge and ability to apply their skills. We will also be having a big push on making sure everyone in Year 4 knows their times tables off by heart! This half term, we will focus primarily on fractions, decimals and percentages, properties of shape, statistics and also measure. As well as this, we will continue having our maths arithmetic lessons and developing using mathematical vocabulary to solve multi-step problems.

Hoping for sunshine, we will be learning how to play rounders and perfecting our dance moves with the specialist sports coaches – PE kits are needed please. We will also be choreographing our own dances – look out for a performance date!


Autumn Term 2018

Welcome back after what we hope has been a revitalizing summer break. The Year 4 team are certainly enthusiastic for an exciting year of learning ahead.

In maths this year there will be a deep focus on understanding and recollection of the times tables facts up to 12X12.  As part of this we will regularly be implementing practise from our now software Maths Rock Stars. So far, Year 4 have studied place value and have identified numbers using different representations. They have furthered this understanding by adding numbers with up to four digits using the compact column method.  During the weeks before half term they will be using this same skill for practising subtraction and also multiplying a four digit number by a one digit number. To enhance our topic study of the Romans, we will also be covering a unit of Roman Numerals for which the children will design their own clocks using these number formations.

So far in Literacy, Year Four have written an alternative part of a story as part of their Myths and Legends unit. For this, they have intertwined their topic studies of the Romans through the myth of Romulus and Remus. We have recently begun a unit on recounts for which the children will be required to journalise their time spent at the recent year group trip to Butser Ancient Farm. Ready for their purple write, they will learn various linguistic skills such as implementing; fronted adverbials; embedded clauses; direct speech; commas to separate a list.

As mentioned above our topic focus this term is the Romans, in particular, the Roman invasion of Britain. So far the children have researched Life in Celtic Britain before the Romans invaded and reasons for the Roman invasion. This was enriched at Butser Farm where the children were given a real taste of Iron Age village society through activities such as clunching, wall building, jewellery making and designing mosaics. We will finish the unit by looking at life in Britain after the Romans invaded, the revenge of Boudicca and the impact of the Romans on today’s society.

To deepen the children’s interest further, the study of Iron Age Britain has been implemented into art studies. Both class have researched, planned, drawn and finally made and painted their own shields. 4AB have constructed Celtic shields, for which they also practised sketching their own Celtic knots as it was a principle feature of the shields. 4VW have been constructing Roman shields and they are now ready for the ‘battle’ between the Celts and the Romans that both classes will be role-playing.

Both classes, this term, will also be practising weaving, to further their understanding of Iron Age fashion and other material design. Additionally, mosaic making is a skill that will be practised to conclude the unit.

In gSTEM this year, the children have engineered water filters as part of their Water for the World study. They are working to help the Practical Action team conquer continental water crisis. Again the Romans will be interwoven as the children research Roman aqueducts and then make and test their own aqueducts.

The Year 4 team are really looking forward to what will be a busy but enjoyable year of learning. If there are any concerns or questions relating to any of the above then please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with either Miss Ball or Mrs Wilden