Foundations for Learning


FOUNDATIONS FOR LEARNING are complemented by our Learning Powers: The Foundations for Learning are a set of values, agreed by the Bay House Cluster, which pupils need to master in order to establish a sound base for learning. The inclusion of Foundations For Learning has supported and enabled us to focus on particular areas of personal development across the whole school community. They include:

  • Self awareness
  • Thinking
  • Collaboration and relationships
  • Independence and Resilience

Mrs Toone introduced these to our parent/cares in our November Gomer Learning Community (GLC) on Monday 9 November 2016. The presentation was received very positively and the feedback outlined your happiness with us genuinely monitoring and supporting the ‘whole child’.

Download (PDF, 278KB)

Several children have already received their ‘foundations’ postcard. Watch out for these… This is a very special acknowledgement of how your child has been learning and developing through the ‘foundations’.

The powerpoint link below will provide you with more information.

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Foundations for Learning originated from the Cluster Head Teachers who wanted to ensure that the monitoring of children’s Learning Journey included the social and emotional and from Yr – Y11. Colleagues from all our cluster schools outlined what our children needed to be mindful learners. Gomer Junior have enjoyed being part of the team who founded Foundations for Learning. The opportunity to share Gomer successes (Learning Powers) with others, with evident impact on our children’s mindset and better behaviours for learning has been rewarding. The collaborative approach has been a powerful tool for increasing outcomes for more Gosport children. Featured below are pupils from across the age ranges from schools within out cluster.

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Our weekly whole school approach encourages a wealth of personal learning, supports the well-being of each individual child and focuses on the child as a whole. It is an important and reasonably embedded ‘cog’ within the mechanism of Gomer Junior School. Our community have told us:

“It’s not just about writing and maths, I am learning to grow as a better person.”
“It makes me think about things a bit differently.”
“The idea of celebrating the whole child and their personal development is a powerful concept. Receiving a FFL postcard home highlighted my sons character and developmental achievements.”