We have embedded Gomer: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (gSTEM) within our curriculum through  gSTEM  – half a day a week is committed in our timetable. Our leading edge curriculum was awarded TES STEM Team of the Year in June 2018. We were finlaists in 2017 and 2019 too. STEM affects every aspect of our lives, from knowing how to deal with your finances properly, to being in the know about climate change. And, as the future of our world depends on the understanding of these topics, we are committed to encouraging  our children to get involved learn within them.

Our pupils are motivated by and understand real world applications of STEM subjects by experiencing hands-on STEM activities that innovate, inspire and bring learning and career opportunities to life. Team Gomer, governors and parents/carers have embraced integrated STEM projects and our learners are fully engaged with gSTEM. We are fully committed to preparing our children for a future that we are yet to know about. Our children talk passionately about STEM, how it has supported their learning across the curriculum and why all schools should include STEM in their curriculums.   Interestingly more girls attend our STEM club than boys!  See the link for some alarming statistics which gSTEM will no doubt impact positively on: Our girls now communicate that they are considering engineering roles as a result of gSTEM.

CEMAST Engine Girl Cemast Engine 2 Girl

We are a ‘Skilful School’. gSTEM has adopted the principles of iSTEM+ – integrated STEM education, ‘including more subjects, skills and people’. Skilful Schools work with other partners, including schools (we are developing an iSTEM+ continuum curriculum across the schools in our recently formed local MAT), parents/carers and employers in our local iSTEM Cluster. The female Gomer engineers pictured here are learning at CEMAST. We are leading edge in our curriculum approach and this is being acknowledged nationally.