Gomer Growers

We are proud that our curriculum works beyond the classroom. Our popular gardening group, the Gomer Growers meet weekly to complete gardening related projects around the school grounds. Four children from each year group form the Gomer Growers. You can identify the Gomer Growers by their special green badge. We are very lucky that one of our Y3 teachers, Mrs Carré, kindly volunteers her time to lead this part of the curriculum.

Introducing our Gomer Growers 2017 – 2018

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Who are the Gomer Growers?

Activities focus on the skills needed for plant propagation, cultivation and maintenance. Pupils have the opportunity to grow plants from seeds and cuttings, and observe the different stages of a plant’s life cycle. Our Eco-friendly group gardens organically, composting waste and aims support the diverse wildlife within our school grounds.

Activities enhance the scientific and environmental curriculum, as well as fostering Gomer’s Learning Powers.  Through events such as Ground Force days, we aim to develop links within and beyond our school community; welcoming the support of current pupils, their families, friends and local businesses.

Over the past four years, Gomer Growers are proud to have improved our school grounds in a number of ways. Projects have included: the planting of fruit and vegetable beds; creation of a mini wildflower meadow to mark the 2012 Olympics and the development of a woodland nature trail and hide. Our latest on-going project is focussed on the planting of a perennial ‘Rainbow Border’ leading up to our school reception. Phase 1 saw the planting of the hot colour spectrum flowers in the Summer of 2015, with the next phase-the cool colours-planned for 2016. Mrs Mulhall has been especially pleased with the all year round flower bed in front of her office. This area was created by the Gomer Growes during the 2015 Groundforce Day. Our 2016 Groundforce Day in May saw the placing and decorating of HMS Gomer our ornamental flower bed. Our 2017 Groundforce Day is featured below.

Coming soon – a sensory garden with thanks to Tesco Blue Tokens.

*** Outdoor Learning Day – whole school – Friday 18 May***

19 June 2017 

Groundforce Day with helpers….

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6 March 2017

The Growers erect their new shed (with thanks to one of our carers and to Waitrose for funding it). They have already located their equipment into it and great things are happening with the raised beds.

15 November 2016

Growers planting succulent cuttings to sell at our Christmas Fayre and planting a wildlife hedge donated by The Woodland Trust.

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November 9 2016

Growers planting crocus bulbs for polio awareness. Thank you to Rotary for the bulbs.

Gosport in Bloom 2016

We have entered Gosport in Bloom as a platform for showcasing our commitment to gardening and providing our learners with a range of opportunities. The children have been working really hard this year, alongside their parents/carers to enhance the look of our gorgeous grounds. With gardening widely recognised as a leisure activity, known to contribute to a healthy diet, fitness and emotional well-being, we hope the enthusiasm our pupils show when gardening for Gomer will help to sow the seeds for a life-long enjoyment of plants and the outdoors. We entered three categories this year and were delighted to win a gold and a silver in two of them.

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Gomers Grow and Bake June 2016

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Groundforce Day May 2016

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Growers Grow and Sell May 2015

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The Gomer Nature Trail – 2014

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Olympic Meadow Founded 2012

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Gomer Pre-Growers – 2011

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