Anticipated Costs For School Year

To help with family budgeting, over the academic year, we have tried to identify costs that the school will ask of parents / carers. We have compiled this list in response to parent/carer feedback. We aim to provide reasonable notice for residential / off site-visits that incur a cost and inform you accordingly. Occasionally, due to last minute opportunities,  this may not always be possible. Under these circumstances, we will communicate with you to ascertain if you are willing to support such endeavours.

Nb The costs below are subject to change and we can not guarantee that the prices below are 100% accurate. Additionally, without financial support from parents/carers, such opportunities can not be provided. Coach travel is VERY expensive. We will use the school minibus where possible.

Year 3

New Theatre Royal Beauty and the Beast – approx. £10 – payment requested November 2017

Egyptian Museum Dorchester – £20 – payment requested October 2017

Year 4

Butser Ancient Farm – £16 – payment requested  by 13 September 2017

Science Centre – £14 – payment requested November 2017

Big Sing – £8 – payment by 8 March 2018

Paultons Park and school sleepover – Y5 Transition – £26 – balances to be paid by June 2018

Year 5

Stubbington Study Centre Residential Visit – £213 – balances to be paid by January 2018

BAR – approx. £4.50 – Autumn 2

New Theatre Royal Beauty and the Beast – approx. £10 – balances to be paid November 2017

CEMAST – £8.70 – March 2018

London British History Museum Visit  – region of £20 – Summer Term

Year 6

PGL Isle of Wight Residential Visit – £177 – balances paid by end of Spring Term 2018

Winchester Science Fayre – £14 – dates to follow

Mary Rose – £9.00 – dates to follow

D-Day Museum – £9.00 – dates to follow

BAR – £4.50 – dates to follow

WWII Historical Tour – £3.50 – dates to follow

Please note, for any payments, if it is difficult to pay in full , please talk to us so that we can sort a payment card staggering payments for a time that works with your budgeting.

Whole School

FROGJS and POGOS Firework Display – £20 for a family ticket. £5 for single tickets

FROGJS Termly Disco – £3.00 to include drink

Termly non-uniform day  – items to support fairs normally requested, otherwise stated

Half termly Film Club – £3.00 to include drink and a snack

Mothers Day and Fathers Day- £3.00 per gift

School run clubs – £5 subs per club per term