School Clubs

We recognise the importance of varied opportunities for our children to learn and develop, throughout the school day and beyond it.  Therefore, we offer a range of clubs, the majority of which are hosted by the school.  Unless stated, the clubs run after the school day and until 4.30pm. The majority of clubs are run by staff who give up their own time to the benefit of the children; other clubs are run by outside agencies and therefore a charge is levied per session.

To support the resourcing of school based clubs, from September 2017, the school will be asking for £5 in subs, per pupil, per club, per term. For example, if you attend the Drama Club the school will require £5 for the year from whenever you start. If your child attends the Drama Club and Football Club, £10 in subs is required. Please note, because these extra-curricular clubs generate costs beyond the school day, we need to be able to cover these. We are very pleased to be able to keep these costs to a minimum e.g. £5 to attend a possible 30 sessions represents very good value for money.

We have a high demand on our clubs. Therefore, it is not always possible to accommodate everyone who applies to join due to Health and Safety requirements e.g. space and adult-pupil ratio. Therefore, we are unable to include every child to a club who applies. Those clubs with a high interest e.g. BikeIt! Club are chosen randomly by our BikeIt! Crew. Unsuccessful applicants are put on a waiting list. gSTEM Club has proved very popular and to accommodate the large numbers of children, they are operating on a fortnightly basis; the content of the sessions allows for this.

All external providers are DBS checked and we keep their records on our Single Central Register.


From 3.15-3.45pm our Learning Mentors host an after school Colouring / Current Affairs Club. This session is charged at £2 and every child is provided with a drink and small snack. Should you be later than 3.45pm you will incur a £10 fine. You can pre-book a session or just inform the school office on the day. This is a great option if your child needs a little supervision at the end of the day but not a whole Woodpeckers session. We provided this to help with working days and all budgets.


  • Drama Club –  available to all year groups – £5 termly payment. Please contact Mrs Bottriell, Mrs Gardner or Mrs Toone and return a completed permission slip to the school reception. Weekly attendance required.
  • Netball Club Y4/5/6 – led by Miss Ball and Mrs McDermott – £5 termly payment – collect from rear playground.


  • Calm Zone – hosted by the LAPS Team at lunchtime: drawing or reading – FREE
  • Chelsea Football Club – available to all year groups. Currently £48 for a term – subject to change.  Please collect a form from the school reception and complete accordingly. Payment to be made directly to Chelsea Football Club.
  • Gomer Growers – led by Mrs Carre – our Growers meet on a Tuesday afternoon and are represented by four children from each year group – FREE


  • Art Club with Sue – available to all year groups. £4 per session. Please respond to Sue’s flyers, provided at the start of each half term and spares located in the school reception area.
  • Calm Zone – hosted by the LAPS Team at lunchtime: relaxation in the library – FREE.
  • Y5/6 Mixed Football training and fixtures – £5 one off annual payment . Please complete permission slip and return to the school reception.


  • Calm Zone – hosted by the LAPS Team at lunchtime: relaxation in the library – FREE.
  • Choir – available to all year groups – £5 termly payment . Please contact Mr Potter if you are interested in your child attending. The club is led by Mr Pilott who is the Music Director at St. Mary’s Church. Arrive school 8.10am for a 8.15am prompt start.
  • gSTEM – hosted by Mrs Digby and Mrs Toone – £5 termly payment. Please complete permission slip and return to the office. Due to the popularity of this club and limited places, we are operating the club on a fortnightly basis. We will be moving between SeaSTEM and Bloodhound Race Car sessions.
  • Karate with Richard – available to all year groups. £5 per session. Please complete the permission slip and return slips and subs to Richard.  or  The club is recognised by FEKO, FIKO, FMA and ISKA.
  • Y5/6 Netball training and fixtures – £5 termly payment . Please complete permission slip and return to the school reception.


  • Service Club – hosted by Mrs Gardner – weekly in the IT Suite at 12.30 – FREE.
  • FROGJS often host Cinema Club and discos on a Friday but these are not weekly. Please see the school calendar.

We are also keen to promote links with other community organisations. The children are often offered ‘taster sessions’ and are then, if interested, given details. If you have a useful contact or would like to help operate a club we would be delighted to hear from you.