Transition Website – live at 9am

Transition is a major event not only for a young person but also for the family members that support their child. It is therefore our aim to ensure that the transition journey is enjoyable, informative and exciting. We have had to review our transition offer this year and are doing so on-line. We are really looking forward to our transition week which starts on Monday 6 July. To help welcome Year 2 (our soon to be Year 3), we have created a GFM Primary Phase website inclusive of:

  • welcome video to Gomer
  • 360 tour
  • information about the Google Classroom
  • transition resources
  • and key information to help introduce day-to-day life at Gomer
  • and more…

For children in Y3, Y4 and Y5 they might like to have a look too. We have used Google Sites to create the website and like it so much we think we will ask each class to design their own Google Site in the next academic year. Year 2, please do head over to the website. We will also add the welcome video to your Google Classroom, or, you can watch it by  clicking here.