Eggcellent Google Classroom Activity

It’s the ‘Easter Holiday’, of sorts, so we thought we would help you by suggesting things to do over the Easter break.  Please note, these are completely optional. The teachers will be posting a couple of videos this week and next week to say ‘hello’ to the children. Please head to your Google Classroom to hear from Mrs Toone  who is inviting creative responses for the Gomer Gallery – you might need an egg….! And Mrs Gardner has found lots of activities to help keep us entertained. You might like to share your creative successes via the Google form Mrs Mulhall sent by e mail for a possible share in our assembly on Monday 20 April. Again, it is totally optional but you are welcome to continue with some of the on-line programmes or revisit some of the learning activities shared over the past couple of weeks. Whatever you decide to do over the next couple of weeks, we’d love to hear from you. Stay safe. Go Gomer!