Privett Mile is the new Gomer Mile

We love running and walking at Gomer and it is not unusual to see children completing the Gomer Mile at lunchtime or in the afternoon. There are many, many benefits to exercising and the fresh air feels good.  Whilst school is closed we can not complete the Gomer Mile at school. But, you may like to complete the Privett Mile as your daily exercise away from the house. Following on from the Prime Minister’s announcement last night we can still go outside for exercise, once a day, and MUST ensure that we are social distancing from those not in our family. SO, if you are going to go out or to the park please ensure that you are 2m away from other people. And, if we stagger our arrival times this will be possible to achieve. With thanks to the Brewer family for highlight that a mile is 3 times around the Privett Garden park plus one side of it, keeping to the track.

Happy exercising. Go Gomer!