WOW – £1723.50 Profit from Christmas Fair

WOW – £1,723.50 profit was raised at our Christmas Fair on Friday. This is a brilliant outcome from our ‘pocket money’ stalls and super raffle. Some of these funds have enabled the FROGJS to purchase the blue gazebo that was used to serve hot drinks at the fair and eco-friendly crackers have been ordered for our Christmas lunch on the last day of term and a gift for the children. The FROGJS worked really hard before the fair and on the day. They were ably supported by Team Gomer, secondary GFM staff, former pupils and parents and carers from across the school. Your support before, during  or after is VERY much appreciated and your generous donations too. The children loved being able to attend the fair on their own ahead of the doors opening at 3.15pm and thank you to all the children that helped to run the stalls. The choir performed beautifully and certainly made us feel very festive with their array of Christmas songs and carols. With thanks to everyone who came to the fair to enable such a brilliant outcome. Go Gomer!