£1670 Summer Fair Success – wow

This time last week, as a community we were enjoying our annual summer fair. We’re not easily defeated by wet weather and managed the first part of the fair in the sun – our wet weather plan sprung into action enable the fun to continue. Thank you to everyone who joined us at the fair and maintained good spirits throughout. A particularly big THANK YOU to the FROGS for organising our fair and taking a fabulous £1670. This just would not have been possible without the community support. Another thank you to all the local businesses who supported our raffle – we will be organising separate thank yous online for these businesses – learn, live and shop local.

The Beach Themed Sensory Garden at the front of school is looking gorgeous and sponsored by FROGJS. An outdoor canopy to help shelter from the rain and sun has been ordered this week – again, with thanks to YOU for supporting with FROGJS fundraising.

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