Bay House: European Theatre Performance Opportunity

I am pleased to share an event by one of ur family schools –  Bay House School. The Bay House cast of students will be joined by students in Lille in France, Garmisch-Partikinger in Germany and in Gosport. The performances in Gosport mark the end of a most extraordinary project that will have seen the Premiere performance in the National Theatre of Bavaria in Munich and subsequent performances in the German School, in Lille and in Amiens before finishing the tour in Gosport. Therefore, it will be a most historic occasion and obviously we are keen to make it a fitting conclusion here in Hampshire.

The performances in Gosport are on Friday 1 June At 7.30pm and Saturday 2 June at 3.00pm. You are cordially invited to one (or both) performances. Tickets (£5 adults, concessions £3) are available from Bay House. If more convenient, please send a letter and the money into the school office and we will order them for you and you can collect from Gomer too.

The project has been part-funded by Erasmus and the EU, with generous sponsorship from local companies such as Lucketts and the Rotary Club. The performance has been devised by the young people under the artistic direction of the production at the Theatre Residential in Munich.

It all started in 2016, when the young people met up in Lille, where they visited World War One sites and museums. The purpose of the project is to commemorate the centenary of the ending of that Great War. The question the company have been exploring is “Why wasn’t it the war to end all wars?”

 In 2017, the whole group spent a week in Gosport, visiting Second World War sites, including the D-Day beaches and the Imperial War Museum as well as working further on devising their theatre production. Also, last year they had a week in Garmisch-Partikinger visiting the NATO Marshall Center and finalising the script for the performance.

 We have 13 youngsters from each country making the company of 39, supported by a team of artistes from the theatre in Munich and staff from the three schools. The opening night on 19 April in the capital of Bavaria will be a wonderful occasion and most moving as we watch teenagers of a similar age to those who gave their lives one hundred years ago make sense of that “Great War’ a century later.

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