Day 2: Orienteering, Hotels and Robots

The children have had beautiful weather all day. Today has been an activity packed day, with:

Morning: Orienteering (double session, including instruction on how to deal with difficult bearings).

Afternoon: Making mammal hotels. Ah! The council have a plan to replace the conservation area with a car park! Can you find evidence of the wildlife out there? Children had to identify paw prints, droppings, holes (including by measuring size).

Team challenge: robot pens

Evening: The children received a presentation from a local wildlife expert who showed images of photos he’d taken.

5PM going to the hide tonight …

Mr Scarborough’s advice: eat and sleep lots! The children are eating well but need to work on the sleep tonight. They have been so very busy that the teachers are confident they will fall asleep quickly tonight.

Children’s Lunch: A delicious lunch of Macaroni Cheese / sausage rolls / sandwiches followed by yoghurt and fresh fruit / homemade muffins

Dinner: Pizza / fishcakes / homemade chicken pie followed by yoghurt and fresh fruit / Angel Delight / cheese and biscuits

Tuck shop! Children had their first opportunity to spend some of their pocket money today. Each child was able to take £2 to the shop, owing to them not having had an opportunity yesterday. Most children seized the opportunity to get something (sweets!) but some headed to the games room to play pool and table tennis.


Zzzzzzzzz soon – hopefully!