Welcome New Hall Floor – Farewell Stiletto High Heels

The children returned to a super new hall floor on their return from the October half term and it looks fabulous! With thanks to Mrs Gregory, the GFM Estates & Facilities Manager for attending to this project. Following on from summer works we have now finished the project and are delighted that the original 1970s floor has been reconditioned enabling us to be good to the environment. In order for the hall floor to maintain its glossy appearance, Mrs Linford has to buff it twice a week and the staff and children and taking care not to drag objects e.g. chairs over its surface. Additionally, stiletto heels are now not allowed in the hall. Mrs Mulhall has been seen in Gomer blue slippers walking across the hall floor when she has come to school in high heels! It seems very appropriate that lots of adults will see our reconditioned floor during our Practical Action ‘upcycled’ Silent Auction, during the parent/carer Learning Reviews, over the next couple of days. Please be sure to view the children’s fabulous upcycled creations and please, please, please wear wide heeled shoes. Our next project is to reinstate the library heating system which feeds 5GS too and our hall lighting rig should be set for the Christmas nativity production.