Team Gomer: C4L Mentors for Gosport and Fareham

We were delighted to have recently been approached by the Gosport School Games Officer to become C4L Mentors in our local area. The Youth Sport Trust (YST) were well aware of our enthusiasm and commitment to physical activity at Gomer, so we were a natural ‘go to’. Alongside our weekly PE lessons, our children are encouraged to be active in their break times by taking part in ‘Just Dance’, The Gomer Mile, cycling and discrete games. Mrs Mulhall is a Sports Ambassador for the YST. Due to this working relationship we were fortunate enough to receive some training for Team Gomer to further enhance ‘getting active’ sessions from the C4L programme. Our Lunch Supervisors and other key members of staff received the training. Miss Holden (our Inclusion and PE Leader – a PE specialist) will be a mentor for C4L and will continue to over-see Team Gomer’s delivery and possibly provide training to other educational settings in our area. Go Gomer! For more information about the NHS C4L programme, please visit: