School Choir Opportunity

Members  of the Gomer Junior School Choir (anyone can join – meet every Thursday at 8.15am) are invited to consider joining St. Mary’s Church Choir. There is no need for you to audition as your singing ability is already known to Mr Pilott.

St Mary’s Choir has a long established reputation for excellence, and membership of the choir provides opportunities to learn about and sing music across a wide range of styles. Choristers receive training under a scheme devised by the Royal School of Church Music. Junior Choir members attend rehearsals are every Wednesday 4.30 – 5.15pm and full choir practice on occasional Thursdays 7.00 – 7.30pm. New recruits would only be expected to attend Wednesday rehearsals initially, progressing to taking part in some Thursday practices in due course. There are regular Sunday services at 9.15am as well as occasional evening services and additional services at Festival times such as Easter and Christmas. The Junior Choir leads the music once a month at our 10.45am Sunday Church Alive service of contemporary worship music. They do not attend 9.15am on that Sunday. St. Mary’s Choir also sings in the great Cathedrals of our region, from time to time, the next such occasion being Chichester Cathedral this coming October.

Once new recruits progress in the choir they are included in a monthly Rota which is issued to parents and is designed to share the duties as we do not expect choristers to be able to attend every service and practice. We hope that all choristers attend a reasonable number of Sunday services each month. There is no cost to join St. Mary’s Choir, indeed, singing at Sunday services and at weddings, provides useful extra pocket money!

If you and your parents feel that you can make a reasonable commitment within the above guidelines, you are invited to attend your first choir practice on ANY WEDNESDAY, FROM 4.30PM TO 5.15PM, in St. Mary’s Church Alverstoke, to give us a try.

Parents, guardians or whoever brings and collects you, will be welcome to sit and wait for you in church, while the practice takes place if that is easier than going away and coming back at 5.15.