Bicycle Light Law

Bike lights

Continuing to think about cycle safety, our BikeIt! Crew we would like to remind everyone that it is the law to have lights on your bike (and to use them!)

Under The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989, cyclists must have a white front light and red rear lights lit at night, have their bike fitted with a red light reflector on the rear and each pedal needs two amber light reflectors, one on the leading edge and the other on the trailing edge.

All lights must be on from sunset to sunrise. As soon as the sun drops behind the horizon bicycle lights should be switched on even if there may be plenty of light left to see by on a clear evening.

Failure to have the correct lights or reflectors can result in being issued a Fixed Penalty Notice where the maximum is £30 or you can be subject to a maximum fine of £1000 in the courts.

The above outlines the minimum requirement. You can always add lights! Maybe even one on your helmet. Remember our Be Bright Be See Day… Have fun cycling but please do so safely.