Sporting Code of Conduct

code-of-conductGomer Junior School is proud of its sporting achievements and of the sporting opportunities it offers its pupils.

The children are keen to participate in training and matches and love to show off their talents to parents and carers.

School sport has always been very important in promoting and upholding a positive ethos which aims to foster an approach to sport which revels in skill, competition and sportsmanship.

It is vitally important that all players, parents, carers and supporters encourage this ethos through positive reinforcement during training and matches. To achieve this all involved need to:

  • Respect without question refereeing decisions.
  • Respect without question decisions made by the manager.
  • Avoid negative comments between players or to players.
  • Show sportsmanship to the opposition through handshakes and congratulations.

Working together to achieve this ethos will not only enhance Gomer Junior School’s sporting prowess but will also develop positive mind-sets to sport in general.