Refurbishment Continues at Gomer

Your child may report to you that they are unable to have indoor PE this week (fortunately it is warming up outside). This is due to us having a new hall storage system fitted along with an updated Music Room. We are striving to have the hall decorated in the summer holidays too to further smarten up our school. The transformation to the building in the last 12 months have been significant. We are aiming for the Y3 classrooms to be decorated at Easter. 5ST will have a surprise to return to after half term. With Mrs Mulhall’s interior vision and attention to detail and Mr Allen’s varied skill set and determination to get the job done, much has been achieved in a relatively short period of time. The governors have been very supportive of the refurbishment, hence investing the necessary funds. We are grateful too to Property Services for supporting our projects and providing help where necessary. We will be providing a before and after gallery soon on the website showcasing before and after photographs. However, have a look at the pictures of our school before the refurbishment. Can you locate every area? We are delighted that the children are so proud of their school and take care to look after it.

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